Welcome! If you are reading this page, you have taken the first step towards a new mindset. Most of us do not realize that the foods we eat often have more of an impact on our health than anything else in our lives. While physical activity, managing stress, adequate sleep and avoiding tobacco products and alcohol all play a role, food trumps all. Each bit we consume is either one step toward health, or one step toward disease. Why wait? Start your healthy lifestyle transition with Sweet & Savory today! Eat whole, eat clean!

Sweet & Savory is a business for wellness; no compromise on anything; quality, safety of ingredients or preparation! Food should contribute to your health, not compromise it!  With our modern pace of life being so fast, busy and stressful, one must find options that contribute to our health, well-being and peace of mind!

Sweet & Savory can help!

Kitchen Coach

Personal Chef

Transitioning to a plant-based, whole food lifestyle takes more than discipline. Sweet & Savory can assist you in turning your pantry over to reflect your healthy new mindset!!  We will organize and restock your pantry, help you manage your fridge and freezer, provide tips and shortcuts that make food preparation so much easier, create new recipe collections while helping you to jump start your health.

Sweet & Savory can help you realize the kitchen is more than a room with appliances

 Sweet & Savory Personal Chef is hired on a weekly, bi-weekly or once a month basis. We shop, prepare, pack and label all meals and snacks in the client’s home. Your refrigerator will be full of fresh, healthy food and your kitchen will be spotless! Flavor likes and dislikes, and special dietary needs such as gluten-free or dairy-free are not a problem.